The Sternberg Clinic is a converted federation style home not for from the CBD of Bendigo. Patients have no difficulty getting to the clinic using either public or private transport.  A large car park to the rear of the premises has ample room fro both staff and patients.

As it is a relatively small clinic with only 3 therapy rooms the atmosphere remains quiet and peaceful throughout the day. The style of the building allows for natural cooling but both air conditioning and heating allow for modern comforts.

There is a generous sized kitchen with facilities available and we do have enough bathroom facilities available to have them separate for staff and clients.

The Sternberg Clinic offers a number of choices in regard to therapy room accommodation and level of supporting services available to prospective clinicians.

There are 3 clinical rooms available – fully furnished.

Administrative support is available ranging from simple reception services to full administration support including billing and banking.


Further enquiries should be through or 03 54412357